Uniden UH825 Series: Advanced Handheld Radios

Uniden UH825 series presents a significant leap in handheld UHF radios, tailor-made for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. These rugged devices offer optimized sound quality and reception. It is powered by a robust 2-watt output for reliable communication spanning distances of up to 13km.

Featuring USB-C charging and compatibility with 80 UHF channels – these radios are built to endure and perform even in the most demanding conditions. Rely on it’s durability as the radios come with a solid three-year warranty.

Enjoy the Uniden UH825 series’ advanced functionalities. The inclusion of Master Scan® technology allows seamless communication across multiple channels. The voice enhancer and hands-free capabilities ensure clarity and convenience during transmissions.

Moreover, these radios come in two packages: the UH825-2TP Tradies Pack, which includes two radios and a comprehensive set of accessories, and the UH825 pack, designed for individual use.

Get this for AU$129.95 for the UH825 and AU$279.95 for the UH825-2TP.

The UH825-2TP Tradies Pack comes with:

  • 2x UH825 UHF radios
  • 2x lithium batteries (2000mAh)
  • Essential accessories including antennas, belt clips, USB-C charge cable, a dual drop-in charge cradle, AC adaptor for charging, DC cig-lead adaptor, speaker mics, earpiece mics, and a sturdy hard carry case.

For those who need just one unit, the UH825 pack includes:

  • 1x UH825 UHF Radio
  • 1x lithium battery (2000mAH)
  • An antenna, belt clip, and a USB-C charge cable.

Uniden’s UH825 series embodies the next generation of handheld radios, promising unparalleled connectivity and performance for those venturing into the unknown.

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