EarFun Free Pro2 True Wireless BT/ANC Earphones – great features and great value (review)

The EarFun Free Pro2 True Wireless Earphones may not be a brand you have heard of, but Aussie sound specialists Addicted to Audio think they are good enough to be its authorised reseller.

The EarFun Free Pro2 TWS costs $124.95 – less than half what you pay for premium buds, yet  it punches well above its weight in terms of sound quality, battery life, and style.

And they are tiny – perfect for side sleepers and those that don’t want big bulks buds or dorky stalks.

Note we use Pass (meets all typical parameters). Exceed (class-leasing) and Fail against all test parameters.

EarFun Free Pro2 True Wireless Earphones

WebsiteAddicted to Audio  and EarFun
Country of OriginChina
CompanyEarFun (Est 2018) by an experienced group of industrial designers, acoustic engineers and music enthusiasts who shared the goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices.
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First impression – small, light and flat – Exceed

Many earphones stick out of your ears or have dorky stalks – these are 4.8g (light) and have a petite flat profile held in place by subtle changeable ear stabilisers.

EarFun calls them black, but they are more platinum. The real surprise is these $124.95 buds have a Qi Wireless charge case.

Setup – Pass

It is simply a matter of traditional Bluetooth pairing. They can only connect to one device at a time, so if you are swapping from a smartphone to a PC, you must remember to disconnect. They will then auto-pair to a previous device.

While we applaud no App, it also means no customisable EQ. While users may not care, it can be a deal-breaker if you listen to a broad church of music genres.

Comfort – Exceed

We test for eight hours of continuous use and daily walks and exercise (IPX5 rating). These are very light at 4.1g, and the wingtips make them very stable in the ear. My wife uses Bose Sleep buds, and she tested these overnight (side and back sleeper), and they provided the necessary ANC and comfort for this purpose.

They have subtle stabiliser wings and XS, S, M and L gel ear tips.

Tech – new tech allows for lower cost

It has BT 5.2 A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP and SBC or AAC codecs. We tested to about 10m range, and the signal was strong.

AirFun can make such a feature-packed earphone because they use the AIROHA 1562 chip that you will find in most recent Chinese BT earphones, including Apple Beats. It is a spin-off from MediaTek and focuses on low cost, hybrid noise cancellation from 60Hz to 1kHz (up to 40dB reduction). It is a direct competitor to Qualcomm BT chipset and meets China’s Made in China 2025 policy requiring 100% of tech to use Chinese based IP and technology by 2025.

The chip also provides the Digital (BT) to Analog (speaker) signal processor, transparency mode and voice assistance functions.

Sound – Pass

It uses 6mm, graphene drivers. We can’t test on in-ear devices, so we conduct listening tests. Our test tracks are here How to tell if you have good music (sound signature is the key – guide).

Low-bass 20-50HzNone
Mid-bass 50-100HzSlowly building
High-bass 100-200HzFlat but punchy
Low-mid 200-400HzFlat
Mid 4000-1000HzFlat
High-mid 1-2kHzFlat
Low-treble 2-4kHzFlat
Mid-treble 6-10kHzSlight decline
High-treble 10-20kHzFall off

This is almost a warm and sweet sound signature good for most movies and music. We found the bass a little punchy and the top end treble not as well controlled as we like. The result is that bass can overpower mid, and it can lack that sparkling, crisp top-end.

Still, they are for easy listening, and most users won’t have the critical ear we do.

Sound stage – Pass

In-ear always has a reasonably narrow sound stage (inside your head), and these are no exception. Left/Right separation was good.

We use a Dolby Atmos test track, and it is okay for the horizontal plane tests, but there is no vertical plane.

Hands-free – Pass

They have three mics per bud, two of which are for Noise reduction and the other for voice beamforming.

In regular use, these are fine. However, Listeners commented that it was hard to hear in windy environments because ANC focuses on lower frequencies than wind. You can use either in single mono mode.

Battery – Pass

EarFun’s battery claims were very accurate.

  • 35mAh battery 1hr or fast charge or 10min for 2 hrs
  • 66.6 x 25 x 28.5mm x 38g 420mAh battery charge case – 2hr charge
  • Wireless charge – 3.5hr 5V/1/5W
  • ANC Off 6 hours (plus 24hrs in case)
  • ANC On – 5hrs (plus 20hrs in case)

Gaming – Exceed

Earphones are usually lousy for gaming, having 200ms+ response times. If you use the AAC codec, you can get this to 80ms, which is fine for games use.

CyberShack’s view – EarFun Free Pro2 True Wireless Earphones are a great price for the included features.

Style, low profile, Qi charge case and decent sound make these a good buy for anyone on a budget. EarFuns should address the lack of a software EQ.

Overall, these are no-brainers if you are on a budget outperforming earphones twice the price.

EarFun Free Pro2 True Wireless BT/ANCEarphones








Ease of Use





  • Small
  • Flat (do not protrude past the ear)
  • Qi charge and a decent metal case
  • Warm and Sweet sound profile
  • Excellent value


  • Bass can be punchy and overpower on some tracks
  • Top-end can lack sparkle

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