BourgeRV 50L portable fridge (off-grid portable power review)

The BourgeRV 50L portable fridge is for off-grid, caravan, boating and camping use. It is also particularly handy around Xmas to take up to 50 litres of drinks instead of overstuffing your home fridge.

I had never heard of BourgeRV as it mainly sells in the USA, but it has an Australian website, ships locally, is R-NZ C-Tick approved, and has an Australian ACL warranty. That ticks our boxes for a review.

Why a portable fridge?

We have reviewed another 50L portable fridge, and these two could not be more different in philosophy and design.

Bourge RV is a basic 50-litre (53-quart) single-door fridge OR freezer. Although you may believe it can do both, only one section is actively cooled, and the other is passively cooled. CyberShack readers can get it for a limited time at $437.99 (CyberShack readers get it to $394.20)*.

The Anker Everfrost 50 Litre – Baby, it is cold inside is a dual zone fridge, freezer or both. The main difference is that it has a 299W LiFePO4 rechargeable battery and costs $1,999.95.

So let’s not compare as it ‘Ain’t apples with apples’.

Australian Review: BourgeRV 50L portable fridge E-series

WebsiteProduct range
Product page
RRP as at 19/12/2340L $699.95 – CyberShack readers $401.99 – 10% $361.80
50L $729.99 – CyberShack readers $437.99 – 10% $394.20*
FromOnly via this unique link*
Update 20/12/23*
BourgeRV has offered an extra 10% off on all fridge series from 19/12/23 to 30/4/24.
Use the code at checkout: cybershack10
Warranty2-year ACL
Made inChina
CompanyOwned by Guangzhou Boju Information Technology Co., Ltd. Established in 2017, BougeRV is committed to providing customers with state-of-the-art outdoor equipment ‘By providing high-quality outdoor appliances, BougeRV encourages people to go out and enjoy a journey of exploring beautiful places.’ The main markets are China, Japan, Canada and the USA, and it is a recent entrant to Australia. It sells online to keep prices lower. Trustpilot Australia rates it a 4.2/5. The main issue is that support is US-based
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It is a portable 50L capacity fridge or freezer – not both. Its cooling range is -20 to +10° for the main compartment. The second smaller compartment is passively cooled, more suitable for non-perishables.

The 50-litre (53-quart) comprises a 40L deep basket, aluminium lined zone and a 10L non-refrigerated zone.

The focus is on value – no frills, app, or battery.

Size – Pass

It is 570 (D) 310 (W) x 530-1040 (H/H with LID) x 21kg (no load). It has a top-opening door (depth ways). You can also add front and rear (depth ways) carry handles, each adding about 45mm.

It was designed to fit into a narrower space between RV seats, although it is not made to step on.

The only minor issue is the LCD readout is at the back and facing backwards.

Cooling – No load – Pass+

  • Max Mode 240V to 5°: The main compartment cools from 26° to 5° in about 30 minutes (Test). The second 10L compartment is passively cooled and, in our test, sat at around 13° (Test 8° higher).
  • Eco Mode 240V to 5°: Cools from 26° to 5° in 45 minutes (Test).
  • Max Mode 240V to -20°: Approx 2.5 hours – Max Mode maxes out at -18° (Test)
  • Eco Mode 240V to -15°: Approx 4 hours – Eco mode maxes out at -15° (Test)

We did not test using 12V DC as 240V uses a 12VC DC power pack. We would expect similar times, but it may be safer to allow about 20% more.

Cooling – load – Pass.

We cooled the unit to 5° and loaded it full of room-temperature cans and bottles of drinks. As expected, it went up to 12.5° and then started cooling the load taking seven hours to bring it back to 5°, where it kept it constant 5-6°. The zig-zag nature of the graph represents the compressor switching in and out.

We would expect longer times if freezing room-temperature goods, but it should maintain them well.

Our best advice is to pre-cool/pre-freeze goods before loading them into the fridge, as it is more designed to keep them cold or frozen.

Endurance test TBA

Insulation efficiency no load (power off to reach ambient temperature -15° to 25°): 8 hours.

Cooling/freezing and holding efficiency depends on ‘food load’. For example, when empty and powered off, it returns to ambient temperature in a few hours. If the freezer/fridge section is full, it returns to ambient temperature much slower.

So, our measurements are part-guestimate and not necessarily accurate for all circumstances as it depends on food load, ambient temperature, and desired storage temperatures.

Accuracy – Pass

The readout was within +/- 3° of the Kestrel Drop temperature sensor in both fridge and freezer modes.

Refrigerant and repairs – Pass

It uses 36g R123a refrigerant – colourless, non-flammable, with a slight odour.  It should be able to be re-gassed, if necessary, by a local refrigeration mechanic.

It uses a simple stop/start brush motor compressor and thermostat. Again, it is easily replaceable by a refrigeration mechanic, and there is easy access.

Power – Pass

It is powered by 240V to 14V/6A/87W DC brick or from a 12-24V DC utility plug. Power use depends on temperature settings.

  • Max Test 240V/12VDC: Claimed 60W, draws 60/50W.
  • Eco Test 240V/12V DC: Claims 45W, draws 40/30W.

You can also use it with a portable port station like BourgeRV Fort 1000 1120Wh LiFePO4 $RRP 1,499 (but currently $854.99). There are larger models – Fort 1500 and Fort 2000 as well. Assuming it is on Max/Eco mode (60/45Wh), you should get about 15-20/22-24 hours of refrigeration.

Alternatively, you can run a 200W solar cell through the portable power station (as it has an MPPT controller).  

12-24V power works well, but you must not flatten the car battery. It has a high/medium/low switch to set different drainage thresholds.

I advise getting a lower-cost 200Wh portable power bank to provide UPS power for about three hours.

Build quality – Pass+

It appears well-made and suitable for camping. It has no IP rating (few do), so it needs to be kept out of the elements.

Note that support at this time is from the USA via email.

Noise – Pass+

45dB – not noticeable

Advice from our consumer test panel

  • Pre-cool the empty unit to fridge or freezer temperature using mains power.
  • If freezer: Load frozen portion-controlled, stackable food in the reverse order you will use it.
  • If fridge: Load pre-cooled drinks.
  • Load unused space in the fridge and freezer with frozen water packs (place at the bottom)
  • Limit lid opening – ambient air rushes in.
  • Don’t leave it in a car that can reach 50° or more.
  • Place under cover out of direct sunlight
  • When restocking, add smaller amounts about 30-60 minutes apart to keep the temperature constant.
  • The 10L passive cooled compartment is for non-perishables or fruit and veg only and sits about 8-10° above the freezer/fridge setting.

CyberShack’s view: The BourgeRV 50L portable fridge E-series is a no-frills, value fridge

At CyberShack’s readers price, it is excellent value and has no significant downsides. It is a fridge or freezer – not both and does that very well. If it suits your needs, go for it.

Would I buy the BourgeRV 50L portable fridge?

In a flash. After years of carting around a heavy 50-litre Esky and losing space to 10kg of ice (daily), this is fabulous – no more soggy food. There is nothing wrong with an Esky for short-term use; it is just positively primitive compared to the BourgeRV.

Ratings (as an essential portable 240/12V fridge or freezer)

  • Features: 85 – fridge or freezer – if you need these concurrently, look elsewhere.
  • Value: 95 – even higher if you get it at CyberShack readers price.
  • Performance: 85 – it does what it says. We will need an extended review to tell more.
  • Ease of Use: 90: Follow the panellist’s tips; it is easy and efficient. Don’t treat it as an Esky.
  • Design: 90 – Tall and deep, so you need to think about where you will place it and how you pack it.

BourgeRV 50L portable fridge E-series

RRP$729.99 but CyberShack readers can get it for $437.99







Ease of Use





  • Excellent price per litre storage
  • 30-minute cool from ambient to 5° (Max)
  • Deep removable basket more suited to drinks
  • Cools from the Aluminium sides
  • No messy ice


  • It is not a dual zone – fridge or freezer and 10L cool zone.
  • Not dual lid – lifts lengthways
  • No IP rating, but not expected
  • Don’t try to lift it fully loaded – use the removable basket.
  • No battery backup – use a portable power bank