Australian Review: Canon EOS 80D – One Step Up

While a lot of modern DSLRs feature impressive flippy displays, I still prefer using the viewfinder, and the EOS 80D sports quite a nice one. Inside is an easy to read display showing your current settings, focal points and a well thought out crosshair arrangement to help you frame your shots. Of course, the EOS 80D also includes a flip-out screen if you prefer to use it; it does come in handy for videography and selfies.

The screen itself is touch enabled, but the physical controls offer more precise adjustments. It’s also bright enough to see in daylight, meaning you can easily check your images after taking them. The EOS 80D is also Wi-Fi and NFC enabled, meaning you can easily pair it with a smartphone or connect it with your home network to grab images, although admittedly this feature could work a little better – I found I had to dig through several menus (and the manual) to get the camera to connect to my phone.

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