AnkerWork S600 AI, ANC speakerphone cancels everything else out (UC and speaker review)

The AnkerWork S600 has a sole purpose—to help you be heard clearly on hands-free calls. This is a tall order involving the world’s first on-device voice training/recognition, AI noise reduction, and superior microphone array technology.

As a bonus, it has the new Qi2 standard wireless charger (MagSafe compatible), BT and USB-C connections and up to a 16-hour rechargeable battery to untether you from a power point.

What is AnkerWork?

It is a specialised division of Anker that focuses on webcams, speakerphones, and work headsets. It joins other Anker divisions, including Eufy Cleaning, Eufy Security, Eufy Pet, Nebula, SoundCore, and the Anker brand of wall and QI chargers, cables, power banks, and USB-C adapters.

Australian review: AnkerWork S600 AI, ANC speakerphone

WebsiteKickstarter *
PriceKickstarter specials from approx. A$175 Note that the price is subject to currency fluctuations and possible GST. Shipping is in mid-May. The price may increase as more are sold.
FromKickstarter. Likely, AnkerWork will sell it online in the future.
Warranty18 months
Made inChina
CompanyAnker (Shenzhen Oceanwing Smart Innovations Technology Co., Ltd) is a Chinese electronics company that produces computer and mobile peripherals, including phone chargers, power banks, earbuds, headphones, speakers, data hubs, charging cables, torches, screen protectors, security cameras, and more under multiple brands.
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* Kickstarter – will you get it?

Kickstarter is a platform for launching new ideas and seeking backing. It is also a terrific way to introduce new products to a far wider audience.

The Kickstarter Campaign runs from March 21st to May 20th. If you like it, you can sign up (at whatever discount is available at the time), and it will ship in mid-May.

There is no risk as the project is fully funded.

First impression – The AnkerWork S600 needs explanation

It is basically a 5W mono, BT/USB speaker/speakerphone with a Qi2 wireless MagSafe compatible charger. However, that is like calling a Lamborghini a car.

This is all about the technology that can clearly hear you, and only you, without background noise in a teleconference.

That tech includes the world’s first on-device voice training/recognition, so it knows who you are. As it is on-device, there are no privacy issues, unlike with cloud-based voice recognition.

It also includes Voice Radar 3.5 (an NPU), trained on 60,000 noise samples in 20,000 diverse environments to block 300+ noises.

Finally, add a 4-far-field mic array, a 16-hour rechargeable battery, and the 15W Qi2 MagSafe charger, and that’s it.

Setup – No App

  • Record a 35-second voice sample. It only holds one voiceprint (can be overwritten).
  • For privacy, your voiceprint is stored on the device – not in a cloud.
  • Use it normally as a speakerphone as it blocks out non-target voices and noises.

It prompts you to download the AnkerWork App, but the device is not listed.

Ports and controls – Pass+

Rear physical buttons: Power and BT

Ports rear: USB-C data and USB-C charge in

Front touch buttons

  • Play/Pause/Fast forward/backward.
  • +/- volume
  • Mic on/off
  • Phone answer/hang up
  • Voiceprint on/off

Battery – Pass+

AnkerWork claims ‘up to 16-hours’. We have not been able to verify that, but we will update the review over time.

It comes with a 30W (9V/3.3A/30W) AU R-NZ C-TICK-approved USB-C charger.

Our tests show that it draws 9V/1A/9W in operation and to charge the internal battery and 9V/1.5A/15W for Qi2 charging.

Qi2 is the newest standard in wireless charging, integrating magnets—specifically, the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP)—to improve the charging process. This securely attaches the charger to the back of your smartphone, eliminating the need to search for the optimal charging position.

The pad can tilt to 70°, perfect for teleconferences on smartphones or to stay flat (other devices).

It can also function via PC USB (tested 5V/1A/5W – the wall charger overrides PC power).

Our only gripe is that the 1m USB-C to USB-C cables are too short.

Mics – Superb – Exceed

The four 48kHz far-field mics are effective up to 8m (tested more like 5m). It can automatically balance the volume at<3m.

We found that we could have effective, full-duplex voice calls with no appreciable lag out to about 3m.

The four voice mics are spread around the base (in quarters). Noise cancellation is all AI-driven.

You can turn AI off and use it as a multi-person conference speakerphone.

Sound Blocking Tests – Pass

  • Other voices – Pass
  • Sudden noise like a clap – Pass
  • Ambient noise like a dryer or washing machine – Pass
  • Mouse and keyboard noise – Pass
  • TV background – Pass
  • Other noises – Pass

Bluetooth – Pass

It has BT 5.3 speakers (BT Tx only) with an SBC 16-bit/44100kHz codec. As Qi2 is Apple-compatible, we assume that it supports AAC for Apple devices.

AnkerWork S600 Speaker – Pass+

It has a single 5W (1.0) up-firing speaker for 360° sound. There are dual passive radiators for enhanced bass. There is an automatic EQ to swap between voice or music.

It gets loud—80/85dB over Bluetooth/USB. As a mono speaker, it has no left/right sound stage but radiates equal 360° volume.

Mid-bass starts at 50Hz and builds solidly to high-bass at 100Hz. It is then relatively flat (good) to about 6kHz and gradually declines to 18kHz before dropping off at 20kHz. This is a relatively neutral sound signature (good) and allows an EQ to recess various frequencies.

Musically, it sounds pretty good. There is more than enough bass to satisfy. Mids are clear, but the treble is a little uncontrolled, making some notes slightly harsh. Still, it beats most mono BT speakers.

In a voice conference mode, it recesses bass and treble and focuses on 1-4kHz for clear voice. It is pretty exceptional.

We tested it in MS Teams and Zoom, and it should support all UC Apps.

CyberShack’s view – AnkerWork S600 is a very clever AI speaker phone – unmatched by others.

Remember that typical speakerphones are not sexy and exciting—this one is. AnkerWork has developed the right device for businesses, pods, open plans, and work-from-home.

I took it to our local workspace provider, who has 30 shared pods. He was so impressed that he will order some to trial.

I was so impressed that I will use this instead of headphones – it is so good.


It is unique. We have no benchmarks for voiceprint and AI noise cancellation on this scale, so we won’t allocate a rating per se, as it would likely be 10/10 for most aspects.

  • Features: Voiceprint on-device, AI noise cancellation, Qi2 charger and BT/USB connection. What more could you ask for?
  • Value: It is expensive, especially if you delay ordering from Kickstarter, as the price increases as more are sold. In trying to justify the price, I cannot find any other device that does this, so the price is largely immaterial.
  • Performance: I could not fault it. Perfect for what it was designed for.
  • Ease of Use: 35 seconds to voiceprint, and that is it: BT and USB connectivity and auto EQ.
  • Design: Well thought-out and well-made.


Effective noise cancelling in almost any environment.

Clear voice without compromise

15W MagSafe or Qi-compatible device charging


Longer USB-C cables – make one at least 1.8m.