Aiper Scuba S1 pool robot – no-fuss, no app, just simple cleaning (cleaning review)

The Aiper Scuba S1 pool robot is a no-fuss, no-app, charge-and-throw-in-the-pool cleaning robot. Its simplicity of operation is a key selling point – pool cleaning with minimal effort.

Before the review, let’s look at pool robots (we would use the term PoolBot, but it is copyrighted). We mean a rechargeable, waterproof pool robot that can clean the floor and, optionally, the sides of a typical pool.

They basically come in:

  • Simple – gyro/accelerometer and a programmed cleaning path. At the end of a cleaning run, they are scooped out of the water by a hook on a pool handle. The rubbish is collected in a 180um basket. Rinse, charge, and repeat.
  • Semi-Smart – As above, with a choice of cleaning patterns, e.g., wall+floor, wall only, floor only, and repetitions.
  • Smart as above with an App (solely for customised settings), longer runtime, more throughput (litres per minute), etc.

Optional features include finer HEPA-like filters (3um), which you should look for if you have slit or algae issues, IR obstacle detection, optional solar panel charging, etc.

Currently, we cannot find any pool bot with a level of intelligence anywhere near robot vacuum cleaners, as Wi-Fi, LiDAR, map-making, and positioning don’t work underwater.

What we look for (ideally)

  • Caterpillar wheels are a must if you want wall-cleaning
  • Wall (to coping line) and floor cleaning in one pass
  • Battery life of at least 150 minutes
  • Charge time of 4-5 hours (or less)
  • Pool cleaning time – m2 per minute
  • Scrubbing power – front and optionally rear roller scrubbers
  • Some have dual filters – 180um for the basket and a 3 um filter for algae and fines.
  • Infra-red obstacle avoidance (rare)
  • 150m2 at a minimum – preferably 200+
  • 350-400 litres per minute.
  • An app is unnecessary but handy for settings, remote notifications, etc.
  • Extended parts availability to help it last 5-8 years.

We have not seen any that can adequately clean stairs or ledges or have any intelligence beyond programmed patten cleaning. Wi-Fi does not penetrate water, and GPS positioning is useless as it generally has a 3-10m accuracy.

Australian Review: Aiper Scuba S1 pool robot

WebsiteAiper AU
Scuba Series
Product page
Price 27/6/24RRP $1099.99 but seen as low as $999.99
FromAiper, Pool and Spa Warehouse
Warranty24-month ACL manufacturer’s defects excluding consumable and fair wear and tear
Made inChina
CompanyEstablished in 2017 by Richard Wang. HQ in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Earlier products were launched via Kickstarter. Aiper claims to make the world’s best cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaner. As journalists, we must ignore unsubstantiated claims.
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We use Fail (below expectations), Pass (meets expectations) and Exceed (surpasses expectations or is the class leader) against many of the items below. We occasionally give a Pass(able) rating that is not as good as it should be and a Pass ‘+’ rating to show it is good but does not quite make it to Exceed. You can click on most images for an enlargement.

We are also tightening up on grading. From now on, Pass, for example, means meeting expectations for the price bracket. We consider a Pass mark to be 70+/100 with extra points added for class-leading and excellence.

First Impression – Pass+

I genuinely hate pool vacuuming. I am happy to pay for it to be done, but pool cleaning people make a lot of money for little actual work. In fact, my last pool person used a robot cleaner anyway.

I have tried every type of pool cleaner from the early Kreepy Krauly and Barracuda (diaphragm suction) that attach to the pool filter, internal turbine (ditto and frequent turbine breaks), and in 2022 discovered robot pool cleaners that could do a good job.

The Aiper Scuba S1 is a simple (by our definition) pool robot. Charge, place in the pool, return 2-3 hours later, retrieve, recharge and re-use next week.

  • One button for power on/off and to select mode
  • Auto Mode (default) for floor and wall cleaning until the battery runs out.
  • Floor Mode is for S-shape cleaning – ditto
  • Wall Mode is for crab-like N-shape wall cleaning – ditto
  • Eco Mode cleans the floor for 45 minutes three times in five days (135 minutes runtime). It is ideal to place it in the pool on Monday and take it out on Saturday for a recharge.

That’s all, folks – nothing else to see here. Our maintenance person has used a variety of pool bots, and his take is that this is simple to operate, and the Eco mode is excellent.

Pool Preparation – Minimal – Pass+

Typical vacuums (regular clean with normal-size detritus) require turning the pool filter off. If the pool has larger leaves and sticks, scoop them out first. If you brush the pool, allow time for the water to settle. It is a good idea to brush the stairs and any ledges.

Cleaning area – up to 150m2 but stick to smaller pools

Aiper claims it can clean up to 150m2 (150 minutes runtime at 1m2 per minute) of the pool floor and walls on one charge.  It filters up to 265 litres per minute – adequate but on the lower side.

To put that in perspective, a typical pool floor is about 35-50m2 (10 x 3 or 5m), and the walls add another 40-46m2 (2 x 10m + 2 x 3m x 1.5m average depth). It has a maximum run length of 15m.

Out tests verify both the runtime and the eco mode.

Waterproof – IPX8

It can remain in water up to 3 metres. Eco mode means it stays there for five days.

Recharge time – Pass+

Aiper claims up to 4 hours. Our tests were slightly faster – verified.

It has a 14.4V/7.8A/112W rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and a 16.8V/2.6A/44W charger. Aiper does not specify battery cycle life, but we expect it to last 500 full cycles (10 years at one charge a week). Charging any lithium-ion battery over 100W must be in the shade and on a fire-proof surface is important. Read Is there a safe way to charge Lithium-ion batteries?

Movement – Pass+

It has twin caterpillar tracks that cover the entire length of each side. It easily climbed walls, and the front ‘scraper’ roller brush belt did an excellent job of cleaning the tile line.

3.5L Lidded Basket – Pass

A lid is important as it prevents detritus from escaping. It has an easy-to-clean, lift-out basket. That filters to 180 um (hair is about 80 um), so it is only for larger detritus. In other words, forget about fine sand, silt and algae.

Few pool robots clean much below 200um. You can buy filter socks (for some models) or look at models that track trap down to 3 um.

Maintenance – Pass+

There is no maintenance per se—keep it clean and dry during charging. After the 2-year warranty expires, all major parts are user-replaceable.

It has two brushless motors to drive the wheels and another for the pump.

Pool types – Pass+

It is recommended for concrete, fibreglass, pebblecrete, mosaic tiles, and vinyl-lined pools (most robot cleaners won’t handle vinyl liners).

Performance – Pass

We have been testing it in all modes for over a month. It is not perfect; it can miss some areas and fixate on others—that is the same as any simple pool bot. However, its 150-minute run time means it should eventually get everywhere.

We have noticed it tends to clean the same areas a few times. Overall, if you leave it to exhaust the battery, it should get all areas, but the caveat is that this is not for larger pools (you need battery life to clean the pool at least twice).

We love the Eco mode as we can return weekly and know the pool is clean for weekend swimming.

Our observations are on a rectangular pool, and we suspect the cleaning pattern may be less efficient on curved walls.

CyberShack’s View – Aiper Scuba S1 pool robot is a competent pool robot – although you can do better

This is a simple, no-frills model that is fine for regular-shaped pools. You need to look at the Aiper Range and learn to disregard the marketing hype that its website excels in.

Would I buy it?

It is acceptable for smaller pools up to 50m2. It can clean larger areas but won’t clean them multiple times.

For my money, the Aiper Scuba S1 Pro, for its 3 um filtration alone, is worth the extra few hundred dollars.

Ratings 77/100

Note that we now use 70/100 as a pass mark. It was 80/100, but we needed more room to reward excellence or class-leading. For parity, deduct 10 points from pre-2024 reviews.

  • Features: 75—It is a simple pool robot, but caterpillar tracks add considerable value for wall cleaning. It also has an Eco mode for continual cleaning over a week.
  • Value: 75 – It is comparable to similar ‘simple robots.
  • Performance: 75 – It meets expectations for a simple robot. Eco mode adds a few points.
  • Ease of use: 85 – charge, plunge, sit back and relax
  • Design: 80 – it appears well-made and has a nice design.

Below are videos f the Aiper Scuba S1 Pro that is in my opinion a better buy.

Aiper Scuba S1 pool robot

RRP $1099.99 but seen as low as $999.99







Ease of use





  • Very easy to operate
  • Decent 150-minute battery life
  • Wall/floor combo clean or single and Eco mode
  • Does not use pool filter motor
  • Cleans above tile line.


  • 180 um filter won't capture fines like hair and silt.
  • If there is an erratic cleaning path – start it in a different place.