Vodafone Shared lets families pool their data and talk time

Vodafone today announced Vodafone Shared, a new offer that allows families to pool their data, talk time and messaging allowances into one cumulative pool. Vodafone Shared works across up to 10 devices, and also includes features such as AUD$5 Roaming and Data WorkOut. The offer will commence next month.

New and existing customers on a 12 or 24 month Vodafone Red plan will have the option to bundle a Shared plan with a new smartphone or tablet, or can bring their own device instead. Shared plans for smartphones begin at AUD$30 per month, and add an extra additional 1GB to the account's cumulative pool. Options at AUD$40, $50 and $70 per month tiers are also available. Aside from the AUD$70 per month plan, these are billed month by month and do not require a contract.

Two Shared plans are available for tablets: an AUD$10 per month option adding 1GB to a user’s pool and an AUD$30 per month option adding 4GB to the pool. These are billed month by month, and don't have a lock in.

Each additional device requires its own Shared plan.

"Vodafone Shared delivers simple and straightforward value for households with smartphones and tablets," said Loo Fun Chee, Vodafone's Chief Marketing Officer. "As everything included is shareable, families can take full advantage to ensure you are getting maximum use of all your inclusions. And best of all, unlike others, there is no fee to activate sharing."

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, nearly 70% of Australian adults use three or more different devices to connect to the internet, and one in every two adult Australians use a tablet.