Guard Your Business: Free Cybersecurity Check & Expert Support!

To guard your business in today’s business world, both big and small companies really need strong cybersecurity. But figuring out the best way to do this can be very complex.

A report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre in 2020 showed that small and medium businesses lose up to $300 million each year because of cybercrime.

Shockingly, 62% of those surveyed said they’ve experienced cyber security problems. One of the main reasons for these issues is that many businesses lack

  • a good understanding of risks
  • don’t plan properly,
  • and struggle to deal with problems when they happen.

If a business isn’t adequately protected from online attacks, as recommended by experts, the owners might be held responsible for any damages if data gets stolen. The government now suggests using the Essential Eight Cyber Security Framework.

It helps businesses follow important rules for online safety and avoids potential trouble if there’s a security breach. Making sure your business meets these rules can be challenging, which is why Harvey Norman now offers Harvey Norman Business IT Support. It’s specifically designed to help small businesses stay secure online.

Here’s an exclusive offer to guard your business

The first 50 businesses to visit the website will receive a FREE cybersecurity assessment based on the government framework.

This assessment, usually valued at $500, is complimentary for you. If you’re eager to know how to guard your business online, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of this offer. Let Harvey Norman take care of your IT Department needs.

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