Yamaha Release AV App for Android

  • Free download
  • Wifi enabled
  • Aimed at blu-ray players

Yamaha’s AV Controller app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allows users to access information on their PC, Mac or network attached storage (NAS) – now they have opened the door for Android devices, too.

Playing music stored on the computer upstairs can be achieved by browsing the networked music library on an iPhone, selecting the song and pressing ‘play’.

Now transforming Android devices into wifi-enabled remote controls, the newly released version of the AV Controller app for Android is seen by Yamaha as one of the key focal points of the new receiver and Blu-ray player line-up. Yamaha believes its vision of networked entertainment in the home can now be shared by the wider audience.

Available now as a free download from the Android market, the AV Controller app provides intuitive operation of Yamaha’s network capable receivers and Blu-ray players from anywhere within range of a wireless home network.