Yamaha On The Move Headphones

Yamaha releases two new models of earphones providing a solution for sound when
you’re opn the move.

Yamaha’s two new earphones are claimed to be highly efficient in their use of power, ensuring that minimal battery life is utilised from the iPod or MP3 player.

The EPH-50 unit’s audio quality extends across a large frequency range (20 – 21kHz). External noise is minimised by the EPH-50’s in-ear design. The ear bud and outer enclosure sit within the ear, forming a seal to the external environment. The EPH-50 earphones come with three different sized ear buds: small, medium and large and a 6.35mm stereo adaptor.

Storage of the EPH-50 is said to be easier with Yamaha’s patented cable holder. The cable holder is designed to minimise cable entanglement and ensure cable integrity is maintained.

The entry level EPH-20 earphone is available in five colours: black, blue, brown, green and pink. They are a designed to match the range of coloured iPod Nanos currently on the market.
The EPH-20 is tilted inwards ensuring it fits comfortably inside the ear. This is further enhanced by using one of the three included ear buds in small, medium or large sizes.

EPH-50 $99
EPH-20 $49