Yamaha iPod Docks Without Pairing

A couple of new iPod docking stations uses instant wi-fi

Yamaha’s new iPod and iPhone dock uses a new type of technology that provides instant, uncompressed transmission of audio.

The PDX-50 wireless dock uses Yamaha’s own Air Wired technology. Once your iPod is placed in the transmitter, the PDX-50 can be controlled via the iPod or iPhone instead of dedicated controls on the unit itself.

Use the iPod or iPhone to control the volume or to switch the PDX-50 on and off. You no longer have to scroll line by line to get to your favourite artist or album. Simply use the jog wheel on your iPod or iPhone to navigate through your album artwork.

While in the cradle, your iPod or iPhone charges, and allows you to make or receive calls on an iPhone while attached to the PDX-50’s transmitter.

The PDX-50 is Yamaha’s first direct iPod dock that is also compatible with the iPhone. The PDX-50 has two 8cm fullrange speakers which each output 15 watts of power.

The PDX-30 portable dock is compact and light weight so you can enjoy your music anywhere you like. The PDX-30 will work with your iPod or iPhone and has a card-type remote unit. The PDX-30 has two 8cm full-range speakers which each output 15 watts of power.

Available now through selected Yamaha dealers, the PDX-50 and PDX-30 are available in black, blue, grey and pink.