Works With iPhone Battery Power

AiPower is an auxiliary battery designed for the iPhone.

AiPower is an Apple certified Works With iPhone auxiliary battery for iPhone, which is claimed to not only adapt to the iPhone design but also acts as a protection case.

Some pundits have questioned the battery life of the iPhone as not being as good as it could be, and manufacturer aigo believes it might have found a niche.

There is an LED indicator showing the load status and the remaining battery life of the aiPower.

The battery itself can be re-charged via a supplied mini USB cable connected to a computer or through a car cigarette lighter. When aiPower is attached to the iPhone, both the batteries will be charged simultaneously.

Data contained within the iPhone can be accessed and/or synchronised with a PC via the Mini USB cable.

The aiPower also has a patented proprietary security technology, Powersafe, which can help to reduce the risk of short circuits, power overloads and fluctuations in temperature, claims aigo

It claims to offer up to 255 extra standby hours; up to 20 extra music hours; up to 6 extra video hours; up to 4 extra talk time hours (double iPhone’s battery life); and up to four extra internet hours.