Wireless Transfers With Aino

Sony Ericsson’s Aino portable media player can can control PS3 content via remote play function

With the help of Media Go, users who buy the Aino portable media player can transfer, play and organise all your music, photos, videos and podcasts from your PC via Wi-Fi. No more wires, no more searching.

It has a keypad combined with an intuitive touch user interface in media mode plus a media browser that gives users a clear overview and one touch direct access to their content.
It is possible to control a PS3 and access its media content (photos, music and video files) on your Aino anywhere using Remote Play with PS3, which enables users to control and access media content on PS3 from their phone. This can be done via a local network between PS3 and Aino in your home, or via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Aino also introduces Media Home, an application that pulls media content from Media Go on your PC over Wi-Fi to your phone automatically. Users just insert their Aino in its charging stand and it automatically synchronizes with all the latest media content on their PC. You are always ready to go with the latest content on your phone.

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