Wireless fusion decommissioned

After a month of promoting it, Optus have cancelled their popular wireless broadband service.

Computer service operators struggling to keep up, increased demand for the iPhone and the Optus iPhone 3G service have been named as reasons for Optus cancelling their popular Wireless Fusion broadband package.

The massive TV and print campaign behind the service led to demand beyond Optus’ ability to deliver, highlighted in a recent survey that named Optus 3G as the world’s slowest service for the iPhone 3G.

Optus has said that customers already on the Fusion package will be allowed to stay on the plan, in a move to placate the avalanche of users furious with network issues that have plagued the Optus iPhone 3G service from the outset.

Following the announcement, Telstra has slammed Optus as ‘a disaster’, saying that Optus was unable to deliver what it promised customers.

“SingTel Optus might pretend the fault lay in the popularity of its offerings but in reality, this points to an under-engineered and/or an under-invested network that apparently cannot cope with demand or deliver to customers what was promised,” said David Quilty, Telstra’s Group Managing Director, Public Policy and Communications.

Quilty also said the cancellation brought Optus’ ability to deliver the National Broadband Network in question.

“This disaster really begs the question how anyone could risk something as important as Australia’s broadband future to an operation that cannot get its basic wireless network to work effectively,” said Qulity.

Source: The Australian

Additional Material: iTnews Australia