Windows XP will live a little longer

Poor Windows Vista… it just can’t seem to get a break: news today as Microsoft have extended the XP license use for PC makers to May 30th.

The move to Windows Vista for Microsoft didn’t exactly go as well as planned. People didn’t like it, Vista didn’t run, and in the end it resulted in quite a few grumpy faces as well as a few people even trying out a more fruity operating system.

This in turn made Microsoft reconsider their position on killing XP by extending the deadlines for Windows XP licenses. Before today, the cut-off date was January 31, 2009 for being the time Microsoft would say “no more” to PC makers for using the favoured XP operating system.
Now they’ve gone and changed that.

The XP usage can continue going on until May 30, 2009 as of today making many people wonder if Microsoft will extend that further to stave off the impending Windows 7 release.

Source: BBC