Where the Wild Things Are Arrives

Interactive gaming with one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time

Kids can join the Wild Things in the action-adventure game inspired by the highly anticipated Warner Bros. theatrical release coming soon based on the children’s picture book by Maurice Sendak.

In Where the Wild Things Are the videogame, players assume the role of the rambunctious young Max to explore the island of the Wild Things, journey across its dangerous terrain, overcome hazardous obstacles and battle fierce creatures. After landing his boat on the mysterious island of the Wild Things – Max quickly befriends these fearsome but loveable creatures and becomes “King of All Wild Things.” He soon learns that the island is on the brink of destruction and that it’s up to him and the Wild Things to work together to find a way to escape to safety before it’s too late.

Ride a Wild Thing over difficult terrain, gain their assistance when facing large obstacles, and follow them through landscapes to uncover the mysteries of the island. Along the way players discover each Wild Things’ unique personality and special talents as they interact with them. Players can return at any time to the Wild Things Village to play a variety of environmental puzzles, start dirt clod fights and have a rumpus of a good time!

Wii $69.95
Xbox 360 $69.95
PS3 $69.95
Nintendo DS $49.95