WCG Australia 2009 All Set To Go

The dates for qualifiers and finals for the World Cyber Games have been announced

We are pleased to announces the dates and locations for the WCG qualifiers, which will lead to a grand final in Sydney, and culminate in the big Grand Final in Chengdu, China.

So if you’re a Counter Strike 1.6 player and want to compete, please keep these dates free:

Queensland Qualifier: Bunker LAN Cafe – 12-13 September
Queensland State Final: Gen Con Expo – 18-20 September
Victoria Qualifier: Zone AdrenaLAN Cafe – 26-27 September
NSW Qualifier: Beyond Internet and Gaming LAN Cafe – 3-4 October
Australian National Final: Beyond LAN Cafe – 10-11 October
World Cyber Games Grand Final: New International Convention & Exposition Centre, Chengdu, China 11-15 November.

WCG Australia Games
The games being played this time around are Counterstrike 1.6 (PC), Guitar Hero (Xbox 360) and FIFA Soccer (PC). WCG Australia will prepare a team of seven players (5 for Counter Strike, 1 for Fifa and 1 for Guitar Hero) who will travel to China in November for the WCG Grand Final.

For Guitar Hero and FIFA, competitors will need to travel to Sydney to compete at the National Final. The qualifier and final will both take place at the WCG National Final.

Players from other states or territories will have to decide which qualifier they go to.

Be on the look out for regular updates as they come to hand. More details soon.