Unwired broadband at risk?

Industry pundits are sounding the death knell for wireless broadband provider Unwired with yesterday’s announcement of new wireless broadband plans from Optus and Vodafone.

A report in today’s Australian suggested that these new Internet enabled USB keys will become the mode of choice for users wanting broadband on the go.

The article claims consumers now have more choice than ever with 5 major telcos jostling for the broadband market.

Leading analysts suggest Unwired’s days are numbered, as Optus and Vodafone levelled the playing field.

“This has really hammered the nail in Unwired’s coffin,” Gartner Asia-Pacific research director Robin Simpson said.

Meanwhile Unwired spokesman Richard Bean dismissed these harbigers of doom:
“These products have no particular impact on our business. We welcome the fact that they’re doing this and educating the market on wireless broadband.

“It will be interesting to see if Vodafone and Optus can deliver on their network coverage promises. We have a vastly superior network infrastructure.”

Source: The Australian IT