Unlock Free-To-Air TV on PS3

Watch, record and replay TV shows on demand by turning a PS3 into a hi-def TV tuner

PlayTV is the way by which Sony CE has turned the PS3 into a personal video recorder (pvr) and HD digital TV tuner.

PlayTV will be available in Australia from November 26 and gives users the ability to watch, pause and record free-to-air TV, PlayTV comes with twin HD tuners and allows you to watch one programme while recording another, or even record while playing a game or watching a Blu-ray movie.

PlayTV also makes it possible to watch TV programmes on the go via Remote Play on PSP or via WiFi or 3G with Sony Ericsson’s AINO phone.

Other features include:

  • Two High Definition TV tuners: both able to watch, pause and record TV in High Definition, as well as Standard Definition. Ability to record TV while playing games or watching a Blu-ray movie or DVD.

  • Electronic Program Guide: a seven-day interface, that provides the navigation for programming the PVR features of PlayTV – it’s fast and simple to use, with either SIXAXI controller or the Blu-ray Remote Control for PS3.

  • Compatibility: PlayTV operates on the Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) format.

  • Optional on-screen graphical display provides information about the status of PlayTV and enables quick access to programme information, stored TV programmes and the controls to pause or record live TV.


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