Unit 13 Designed Specifically For Vita

  • Utilses 3G aspects of Vita experience
  • Online leaderboard
  • Missions delivered daily

Unit 13 is a third-person military shooter created exclusively for PlayStation Vita, by Zipper Interactive. 

Players join the ranks of Unit 13, a counter-terrorism squad deployed with only one objective; complete the mission. Missions focus on contemporary scenarios creating an experience that is loaded with authenticity.

The Vita’s dual analogue sticks offer shooter controls on the go, and SIXAXIS combined with front and rear touch to offer an intuitive, immersive experience. The 3G connectivity of PS Vita are at the core of Unit 13 and bring all-new challenges, claims Sony.

Missions are said to be concise, intense, and non-linear, allowing for a variety of approaches depending on the player’s favoured style. Coupled with a five-star scoring system, each mission has huge replay value. 3G allows on-the-go online leaderboard access to check how performance rates against PSN friends, or any player in the local area or worldwide. If your friends overtake you in the leaderboards, 3G will alert you instantly.

An always ‘on’ connection is also important to acquiring High Value Target (HVT) missions. These are rare mission alerts that only appear for a limited time. Players use 3G connectivity to access these, and once played, HVTs can be passed onto others via near or to PSN friends.

Each day players are briefed with a Mission of the Day delivered directly to their PS Vita wherever they are via 3G. As with the game’s standard missions these will challenge players to find the best way to complete the objective, ranking their performance via online leaderboards.

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