Uniden Cordless Phone Eliminates Dead Spots

  • Bluetooths to mobile
  • Optional repeater for extended range
  • Synchronise contacts with Elite Phonebook

Available in a glossy piano black or lustrous white finish, the Elite 9100 series of Uniden incorporates Bluetooth technology, which enables calls to and from paired mobile phones to be taken through the cordless handsets.

Where an incoming call to a mobile phone might otherwise be missed, by pairing this phone to the Elite system, the call could be picked up on any cordless handset located throughout the home. Also, for homes that experience poor mobile phone reception in some rooms, these dead spots can be eliminated when mobile calls are taken through the Bluetooth system.

For those wishing to minimise their use of mobile phones, the Series presents them with a practical alternative for staying connected. For others, it could mean they are able to take into consideration of mobile-to-mobile call rates.

Elite 91XX systems can be paired with up to four mobile phones. Users can also synchronise the contacts in their mobile phone with the Elite Phonebook which has capacity for 6000 entries.

Other features includea large LCD screen, multi-handset capabilities (up to 10 handsets using the one phone socket),intercom/announce call transfer and five-way handset conferencing (four handsets plus one outside line).  An optional repeater for extended long range is also available, ideal for larger properties and some businesses.

9135 +1 $159.95 (two cordless handsets)
9135 +2 $199.95 (three cordless handsets)
9145 +1 $159.95 (one corded and one cordless handset)
9105 RRP $99.95 (additional handset)