Tributes flow in for Newman

Tributes are flooding in for the late Paul Newman.

“It’s unthinkable. His powerful eloquence, his consummate sense of craft, so consummate that you didn’t see any sense of effort up there on the screen, set a new standard.”

This is just one of many tributes to the late Paul Newman, who passed away with cancer at the age of 83.

“It’s a great loss, in so many ways,” said Martin Scorsese.

Newman will be forever remembered as one of the greatest actors ever lived.

George Clooney said: “He set the bar too high for the rest of us. Not just actors, but all of us.” And he was not alone, with Sally Field echoing the same sentiments.

“Sometimes God makes perfect people and Paul Newman was one of them… I was blessed to have known him. The world is better because of him.” said Field.

But the wave of mourning for the loss of a friend – everyone’s friend – was led by Robert Redford, who summed up the thoughts of people touched by his ability and his philanthropy.

“There is a point where feelings go beyond words.” said Redford in a statement. “I have lost a real friend… My life – and this country – is better for his being in it.”

Newman’s contribution to film spanned over 65 movies over half a century. It is a mark of his remarkable talent that perhaps his contribution off the set will outlast an actor Daniel Craig described as “one of the greatest screen actors of all time and a beautiful man.”

One of Newman’s abilities was his skill in cooking, and he decided to market his special spaghetti sauce and salad dressing as “Newman’s Own”. The brand took off and Newman stunned everyone by donating all profits to charity, which had earned around $120 million for charities around the world by the time of Newman’s passing.

It was a shining example of a man who saw himself as a working actor, not a superstar, and never forgot to give back. “Paul Newman played many unforgettable roles, but the ones for which he was proudest never had top billing on the marquee – devoted husband, loving father, adoring grandfather, dedicated philanthropist,” said Newman’s daughters in a statement.

He was also a talented driver – so much so that legendary racer Mario Andretti said Newman would have been a champion if he’d started racing when he was younger. Newman ended up being the oldest professional driver to finish a race at Daytona when he was 70, and he also completed the prestigious Le Mans race.

Newman is survived by his wife of 50 years, Joanne (Woodward), and their three daughters, Elinor, Melissa and Claire.

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