Transformers now bigger than ever

Transformers set to blast their way onto IMAX screens when the sequel hits in 2009.

Do you remember just how big Transformers was when it exploded onto the screen last year? It was big. Freakin’ big.

Sydneysiders checking out the movie will probably remember checking out the movie to packed audiences fresh off of an American naval carrier, the crews cheering every time an American airforce team blew something up.

Well when the next film – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – blasts its way onto the big screens in late June 2009, people who watch it at the IMAX will get a bigger and more true-to-life (for the Transformers anyway) experience than everyone else. Much like Christopher Nolan’s new Batman film “The Dark Knight,” IMAX screenings will feature most of the movie in a digitally remastered 35mm format set to show on the larger IMAX screen with some of the big scenes shot using IMAX cameras and combined with state of the art computer animation to make the huge robots larger than ever.