Toshibas New LCD/DVD Combo

Toshiba has released 11 new LCD as part of its 2009 line-up of AV gear

The DV615Y LCD TV/DVD combo is available in three screen sizes (19-, 22- and 26-inch) and is designed for the all-in-one entertainment hub for any bedroom, kitchen, office or even bathroom.

The new series combines superb picture processing performance and elegant contemporary styling with the added bonus of an integrated DVD player. Playback for all your digital photos, music and video files is also supported.

The HD ready panel, driven by impressive picture processing technology, creates stunning images while the built-in HD digital tuner gives access to the new world of digital TV channels. Additionally, the 19 inch model boasts Toshiba’s first environmentally friendly six star MEPS energy rating.

The latest series of Toshiba gear comprises 11 LCD models in three new LCD TV series and one new LCD TV/ DVD Combo series.

The three ranges also feature leading Toshiba technologies such as ‘AutoView’, for image quality control and ‘Resolution +’ for displaying standard definition images at near high definition quality – all of which provide a superior viewing experience.

The new series also includes Toshiba’s first six star Full HD LCD TV, along with the company’s new ClearScan 200hz technology for clearer, smoother viewing.

The ZV600A, XV600A, RV600A series are Ideal for movie buffs through to avid sports fans, and offer something for everyone and create the ultimate digital experience, claims Toshiba.

The flagship ZV600 range brings action to life with Toshiba’s ClearScan 200hz technology, which helps to display 200 frames per second, producing a smoother and more natural viewing experience for fast action scenes.
Other features from the new series include:

  • Audyssey EQ: This advanced acoustical correction system help to compensate for when sounds from your TV reflect off nearby surfaces in your room, producing a clearer and more coherent sound.
  • Dolby Volume: This provides a consistent volume across all programs and channels.
    SD card / USB inputs: The USB input can be used to play JPEG, MP3 and DivX files on your TV, whereas the SD card slot is perfect for viewing JPEG images straight from a digital camera.

  • InstaPort: Connects in a fraction of the time, for faster HDMI switching between HDMI sources.

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