Toshiba Laptop With Built-in TV Tuner

Toshiba laptop is claimed to meet all practical and gaming needs

Toshiba’s Satellite A350 is said to be the first 16-inch Toshiba laptop with an extra-wide 16:9 screen and HD 1366 x 768 resolution. Its mix of Toshiba EasyMedia features makes communication, entertainment and computing smarter and easier, claims Toshiba.

The unit has a built-in radio tuner and a USB stick digital TV tuner, as well as four ‘sleep-and-charge’ USB 2.0 ports allow you to charge USB enabled devices while the computer is switched off or in hibernation. One of those ports doubles as an eSATA connection. Also the HDMI output lets you connect your notebook to your LCD screen.

Cinema-style movies and TV are possible via the aforementioned 16-inch LCD widescreen display in a true 16:9 cinema spec ratio. As well as giving users a genuine cinematic experience so you can watch movies in their intended format – they get 14% more viewing area, says Toshiba.

The durable casing features an new design imprinted using Toshiba’s Fusion finish.