Pocket Handycam Handles Rough And Tumble

Kodak offers up a new pocket handycam for sports lovers

A new pocket video camera has been designed with the adventurous in mind due to its rugged and weather-resistant nature, according to manufacturer Kodak.

The Kodak Zx1 pocket video camera is claimed to be resistant to rain, snow, sand and dirt, meaning that you can take great videos while snowboarding, dirt biking or skating.

Available in a range of colours (including black, red and pink) the Zx1 features in-built editing software, which allows you to simply connect to any computer to edit, trim, splice and enhance videos or add pictures and music.

The included HDMI cable means you can now also experience crisp, clear audio and video on HD television allowing you to relive your moments to the fullest intensity.

Featuring a 2-inch LCD screen and up to 10 hours recording time with a 32GB memory card, budding directors can watch the hammerings and highlights in slow motion playback. With fast forward and rewind options viewers can also review frame by frame to relive the most extreme moments.

The video options are endless with awesome accessories like the Kodak Adventure Mount for a helmet or handlebar, which lets you record all the action while keeping your hands free. The armoured case gives the camera rugged protection.

Included is a pre-charged AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and battery charger,