TomTom Car Kit For iPhone

TomTom has released a car kit aimed at iPhone users

Back in August TomTom released an iPhone application for $100, now they have a car kit for the iPhone.

“The TomTom car kit for iPhone has been designed with safety and quality in mind,” said
Chris Kearney, Marketing Manager, TomTom. “Its range of cutting-edge features will
ensure the most optimised driving and navigation experience with the TomTom for
iPhone app.”

Features include:

  • Secure mount with unique design docks iPhone to the desired position on the car windshield or dashboard, using a twist-and-lock motion
  • Adjustable mount securely rotates iPhone to either portrait or landscape mode for optimal positioning and widescreen route display
  • Easily removed with one twist upon arrival at a destination
  • Enhanced GPS performance
  • Built-in GPS receiver reduces the chance of signal drop out in areas where GPS reception is limited like cities with tall buildings or forested


  • Built-in loud speaker and microphone
  • Clear voice instructions through the built-in speaker, so you’ll hear every direction loud and clear
  • Integrated microphone and speaker allowing hands-free calling while driving
  • Charges iPhone while on the go, so it stays fully charged
  • Plays your iPhone music through the AUX OUT port over your car


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