TiVo Doubles Storage

TiVo has doubled its storage capacity timed to take advantage of Christmas time

Hybrid Television Services has now doubled the size of its TiVo to 320GB to allow owners to transfer their Freeview TV recordings from their TiVo device to their PC or portable devices such as an iPhone, iTouch or Playstation Personal (PSP). It also enables family photos, music libraries and home videos to be enjoyed on the TV and provides the ability to transfer and view recordings between two TiVo devices in the home.

In addition to the launch of the new TiVo 320 Media Device – all customers will have automatic access to Hybrid TV’s proprietary content and service portal, CASPA On-Demand.
From 1 December 2009, the TiVo home page, TiVo Central, will replace “Video On-Demand” with “CASPA On-Demand”. Through CASPA, all TiVo customers will have access to new release and library movies, hit TV programs and music videos, concerts and music artist interviews.

The CASPA service will provide both free and pay-per-view content with advertiser-funded content playing a significant role from Q2 next year. At launch, there will be more than 1000 hours of broadband content available through the TiVo device and the content portfolio will continue to grow with cumulative hours reaching in the tens of thousands over time.