Just Dance With Ubisoft

Cashing in on the plethora of reality dancing show on the television, Ubisoft has released Just Dance

Ubisoft’s Just Dance, designed for all members of the family and friends, and available on Nintendo Wii, says the company.

There are more than 30 tracks and you can play with up to three friends who can join in at any time to try to match your skills.

Requiring one Wii Remote per player, the game gives the freedom needed to just follow the beat and move your body. To keep the party going, three different game modes are available:

  • Classic mode: just dance and hit the score.

  • Strike a pose mode: freeze when seeing the red light, or you will lose your points.

  • Last One Standing mode: start with 7 lives, and lose one every time you miss a move…seven wrong moves allowed before you leave the dance floor.

Developed with professional dancers and choreographers, Just Dance is the first dancing video-game based on real dance moves, claims Ubisoft.

Players will learn more than 200 dance movements that will push their dancing skills to the max. Once you have learnt the basic moves, and start scoring based on being in time and hitting the right moves, you will be able to pull off combos to increase your “Dance Juice” bar and your overall score. In addition to dancing, players can sing along to all the classic tracks, which are subtitled.