This week on CyberShack TV: 11/7/15

Thanks for tuning into another season of CyberShack TV! Looking for more information about the stories we covered today? Here's where you'll find it!  

Multi-room Audio
Australian Review: Sonos Play:5
Australian Review: Sonos Play:3
Australian Review: LG Music Flow Multi-Room Audio
Australian Review: Samsung Wireless Multi-Room Audio

LG says "out with the old" as it finally brings 4K OLED to Australia

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 
Australian Review: Huawei Wi-Fi Cube 4G 

Broken Age
App Store
Google Play

Athos Sportswear
Product Information

Navman MiVue 530
Kaiser Baas R20

Lenovo Gaming Notebook
Product Information

Huawei G7
Product Information

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