This Australia-made gadget wants to end global roaming charges

Strone Technology wants to change the way people make and receive phone calls while they're travelling overseas. The company's flagship product, Strone:Home is a small cylindrical device that accepts a SIM card, and then relays calls and messages received to any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with a WiFi or data connection via an app.

Tas Tudor, Strone Technology's founder and CEO, said the device was predominantly designed for international travellers who want keep using their own number while overseas, allowing friends, family and colleagues to reach them with minimal inconvenience. Provided the receiving device is online, messages and calls can be received anywhere in the world without incurring any global roaming fees.

"We're trying to create a system that doesn't require you to change your behaviour, or the behaviour of the person contacting you," said Tudor, "your mum could call you on your regular phone number, and you could answer as if you never left home."

"People don't even need to know that you've left Australia."

On top of a hardware price of AUD$125, Strone:Home will require a monthly subscription. Three pricing tiers will be available, ranging from AUD$10 per month to AUD$30 per month. The AUD$10 per month plan includes 150 minutes of call time, the AUD$20 per month plan includes 350 minutes of call time and the AUD$30 plan includes 500 minutes of call time. All three plans included unlimited messaging and free phone calls to other customers.

Strone:Home is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping in the middle of the year.

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