Third Dimension Added To Pedometer Range

Oregan Scientific uses a 3D sensor to increase accuracy for fitness fanatics

A new pedometer from Oregon Scientific has an in-built accelerometer, which is a 3D sensor that detects movement in any dimension that it is carried in and can provide more accurate step readings compared to previous pedometers, which use a 2D pendulum mechanism, claims the company.

The PE903 Marathon pedometer registers step, distance and calorie data no matter where it is placed. Pedometers with accelerometer technology are free to move away from the waistline – wear the unit around your neck using the lanyard provided or pop it in your pocket or bag.

It has a diverse range of modes to choose from including Normal Stepping mode for a basic step count; Accumulation mode for keeping track of up to 1 million steps in real time; and Marathon Mode where you can challenge yourself.

Time and distance based challenges in Marathon Mode help get you in tiptop shape and there are a variety of intensity levels to choose from, including Basic, Intermediate and Professional. Work yourself up from Basic Level on a target of 10km in 2 days for a quarter marathon, then to Intermediate Level with a 25km half marathon in 5 days, and become a pro with Professional Level by doing a full 42km marathon in 8 days.

The PE903 will keep you on target by displaying motivational messages on the LCD screen prompting you get moving if no activity is detected and even congratulating you as you successfully complete target distances. To conserve energy, the PE903 will go into sleep mode when it detects no movement.