Marvel In Civil War

Marvel and Activision have teamed up to bring to life one of the comic book company’s most popular story lines

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is the game that takes its source from the comic book’s Civil War story line that played out in 2006 and is the sequel to Marvel: Ulitmate Alliance.

Players fight for their chosen side in the battle over the Superhuman Registration Act. In control of the largest army of heroes and villains ever featured in a game, players will assemble four-character dream teams, utilise their heroes’ unique powers and, for the first time ever, fuse the abilities of two characters to unleash new attacks during battles.

For the first time, players will be able to create over 250 unique fusions, such as a fiery tornado between Human Torch and Storm, or a powerful beam splitter between Wolverine and Iron Man.  The game also features character customisation, including upgrading abilities, powers and boosts on the fly, as well as storyline choices that will influence character stats. Gamers can play on their own or with up to three friends in co-operative multiplayer modes, allowing them to assemble unique dream teams from 24 playable heroes and villains, giving fans one of the most exciting action/RPG experiences of all time.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Nintendo Wii and DS.