The people’s Halo: Building the Xbox One’s biggest game in the age of social media

But as a Halo fan himself, Franklin also wants to build a game he wants to play.

"We're not just Halo developers, we're Halo fans," said Franklin. "We're big fans of the game, and we're really critical of our own work. There's tonnes of members on the team who feel the same way, so we definitely feel the pressure. At the same time, its kind of an awesome challenge to be working on the game that sets the tempo and paves the way for new experiences."

And while not everyone is happy with every design decision made in Halo 5, Franklin tries not to let the uglier side of online feedback get to him.

"Negativity exists on the internet. It's something you just have to get over. I've seen a lot more positivity around Halo 5, which is really exciting. The best thing we can do is build the absolute best game we can and get it in the fans' hands.

Halo 5: Guardians will be available for Xbox One on October 27.

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