The Evidence Exists! Halo 3 Viral Campaign Starts

If you see some strange people carrying placard with odd alien symbols, don’t be concerned. The Halo advertisements are back.

Some people knew about Halo 2 because they liked the original Halo. Some people heard about it because they heard how much it was going to rock. And then some people learned about Halo 2 through the massive yet unusual “I Love Bees” advertisement campaign.

In case you aren’t familiar with “I Love Bees”, it was a combination of an out-of-game experience and one where in-game was all that mattered. Halo 2 advertisements had a link to the site at the end which drew people in and got them to play the game, even though the game was an ad. There was a story and stunts people did all in order to find the answer to the mystery of I Love Bees. While Wiki has the entire story, rest assured that I Love Bees was a massive ad campaign that involved some fans going all out in their daily lives just to find the answer to this “mystery”.

Well, now it’s back. Mysterious messages , similar to the event of when “I Love Bees” got hacked last time. People are out in the streets of various cities with shirts, placards, pamphlets and pretzels telling everyone that the visitors are coming. You can even learn about the Society Of The Ancients.

Already this is shaping up to be another strange and massive viral advertising campaign, but it’s definitely connected to Microsoft as it looks like they own the IP address linked from the Society Of The Ancients.


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