The end is nigh for the Dreamcast

Remember the Dreamcast? For many gamers, it still holds a fond memory in their heart. Sega has decided to move onto bigger and better things though – closing the Dreamcast repair department nine years after the machine first launched.

Whilst Sega might have stopped producing its Dreamcast hardware after only three years on the market in 2001, the final nail in the console’s coffin will arrive this September when the former hardware giant withdraws its customer repair service.

CVG reports that production of the Dreamcast’s disc standard, GD-Rom, ended earlier this year, though up until that point games had continued to be released in Japan. 2007 has already welcomed two new releases on the format – Trigger Heart Exelica and Karous.

Dreamcast launched in the US and Japan in 1998, and despite a strong collection of top-quality first party arcade conversions, failed to court the market’s biggest third party publishers, most notably EA.

Source: MCVUK

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