The best entertainment apps for Android tablets

Christmas is almost here, which hopefully means everyone's getting a few days off from work! While you should probably be spending your free time with friends and family, if you need a little bit of "me time", here are a couple of Android tablet apps to check out on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

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Netflix, Stan, and Presto 
If you haven’t gotten on board with Australia's streaming revolution, you're missing out. Netflix, Stan, and Presto all offer a truck load of content for a relatively low monthly fee. If you can't decide which service to sign up for, all three offer a month long free trial, meaning you can verily easily test them all before you buy.

Download Netflix from Google Play
Download Stan from Google Play
Download Presto from Google Play

Plex is a different kind of streaming app, fuelled by your own content. After setting up a Plex account, you'll need to install the app on both your PC and Galaxy Tab S2. You'll point the PC app to your media library, which will then be accessible to you via your tablet. It's very, very cool. 

Download Plex from Google Play

SBS On Demand 
After some high quality content you don't need to pay for? SBS On Demand is streaming over 600 movies for free to celebrate the summer! Whether you're after action, comedy, drama, or documentary, On Demand has you covered.

Download SBS On Demand from Google Play

Play Music 
Due to Rdio's untimely demise, Play Music is CyberShack's new top pick when it comes to music streaming services. In addition to a swish and easy-to-use interface, Play Music gives you the ability to upload your personal music library to the cloud to fill in any gaps in Google's collection.

Play Music is pre-installed on most Android devices

iView Kids 
While a tablet isn't the best parenting tool, one can certainly be handy for those long holiday road-trips. ABC's iView Kids is a child friendly streaming app free of fees and free from ads. Be warned, the cries of "are we there yet" could be replaced the Peppa Pig theme song.

Download iView Kids from Google Play