Test Your Skills Against Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama 3 release has three new competitive modes

Cooking Mama 3 will be released in November with fans of the game being able to get their hands on the next chapter in Mama’s recipe book earlier than ever and take delight in cooking up a storm exclusively on the Nintendo DS while the rest of the family slave over Christmas lunch.

As well as having over 80 recipes, 200 mini-games, four player multiplayer (using single cart Nintendo DS Download play) and classic Mama game play, Cooking Mama 3 now offers three new game modes.

Let’s Match means you have to remember what Mama has taught you. It’s your time to prove your worth in the kitchen as you are challenged to choose ingredients from a list then use steps from other dishes to create your mystery dish.

Let’s Shop mode means Mama’s got to get on with the cooking and there’s no time to get to the shops. Can you help her out? Dash to the supermarket and grab all the ingredients for Mama’s world famous dishes while avoiding other shoppers, clearing up spillages and helping at the checkout. Run out of time and you’ll forget what Mama asked you to get.

Then there is cooking contest mode, which allows you to sharpen your cooking skills and face off in timed challenges to determine who the fastest chef is. How many eggs can you break? How many potatoes can you peel? How many prawns can you wrap? Challenge three of your friends to beat your highest score in local Wi-Fi play.