Telstra’s technical support gets moved overseas

BigPond’s call centres will be moved to the Philippines by February next year.

Telstra’s outsource provider for their Internet technical support, TeleTech, are set to lay off a “large proportion” of their Australian staff in favour of cheaper labour costs in the Philippines.

The BigPond call centres will be moved overseas by February 1 next year – but that’s not even the worst news for irate customers.

Telstra confirmed that all customers will have to go through a interactive computerised voice process every time they call tech support. The telco refused to answer any questions about the outsourcing move.

TeleTech told Australian Personal Computing Magazine that it was moving jobs overseas to “enhance the quality of service it provides to Australian consumers,” but also added “the reassigning of this work is strategic and in no way reflects on the outstanding performance of TeleTech’s Australian teams.”

Source: APC