Telstra Join Free Laptop Charge

Telstra is giving away Acer computers with its new BigPond broadband plan

Telstra has added three laptops with built-in wireless mobile broadband to its Next G device range in partnership with Acer Computing.

The new Acer embedded laptops, available from 33 selected T[Life] stores, combine Australia’s fastest national wireless broadband network with Acer’s laptops, claims Telstra.

Customers can purchase the Acer Netbooks and Notebook for $0 upfront payment on a $39 data plan plus monthly laptop repayments starting from as little as $30.38 per month for 24 months in selected T[Life] stores across Australia.

In other news, Telstra also launched a new office in a box for mobile workers – the Telstra Turbo 7 Wireless Gateway.

The Gateway allows users to turn a single Next G network service into a mobile Wi-Fi and Ethernet hotspot wherever there is network coverage and power.

The unit is claimed to be one of the first 3G devices in the world to deliver enhanced upload speeds thanks to recent upgrades to the Telstra Next G network. Telstra customers with the new 5.8Mbps^ peak uplink rated.

Turbo 7 Wireless Gateway can experience typical upload speeds of 300kbps to 3Mbps in capital, metropolitan and selected regional areas.

Features include:

  • Super-fast upload speeds. With typical upload speeds up to three times faster than the first generation Gateway, the new Gateway makes uploading large files, connecting to virtual private networks or updating CRM databases easier and faster.
  • Voice port. Users can now plug a standard telephone handset into the Gateway to make voice calls over the Next G network.
  • USB 2.0 port. A printer or portable hard drive can be plugged into the new Gateway and accessed by multiple devices sharing the network.
  • A new sleek brushed metal form factor.

$149 upfront in conjunction with $59, $89, $119 and $169 data packs on a 24 month contract or can be purchased outright for $589.