Tekken Social Community Arrives Next Month

  • Centralised hub for game’s fans
  • Get stats on enemies
  • Sign up for community events

Namco Bandai has announced that it will be launching the World Tekken Federation online social community service in September, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The World Tekken Federation service will provide Tekken players with a social community platform to track personal statistics against the world, create and manage teams with friends, compete in online events and discuss intricate strategies with a level of unparalleled detail in the fighting game genre. 

The World Tekken Federation will expand the experience through the following key fundamentals:

Scout: It gives the Tekken community a centralised hub for all things Tekken. Participate in the forums to discuss character strategies, move sets and gain insightful knowledge from the community. Connect with Tekken players of all skill levels to join or create teams and track their personal or team stats against other teams as they make their way through the leaderboards. Team leaders will be able to recruit rising competitors in the community to create an all-star roster of players.

Train: The World Tekken Federation gives players access to a wealth of fighter stats to help improve their chances of defeating their foes in the King of Iron Fist arena.  Players will be able to view and analyze their player card to gain insightful metrics pertaining to their entire battle history. Find out which character tag-team combinations work best, and which characters need more time with game’s robust training mode known as the Fight Lab.  Players will also be able to extract valuable information about their opponents for the next time they meet in the ring.

The World Tekken Federation provides fans a unique experience by providing players a constant connection to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 they can access through any online connected device.  Sign up for exclusive community events, gain exclusive World Tekken Federation achievements, participate in the forums or evaluate detailed player statistics at home, on the way to work, or anywhere in between.


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