TEAC Gets In On Digital Radio Action

TEAC has released a series of cheap DAB radios

TEAC new range of digital radios come with pre-set DAB+/FM stations, and, like other digital radios, is more resistant to noise and co-channel interference.

The DAB400B, the DAB400W, and the DAB800W Digital radios present a much better sound quality than analogue radio, together with a host of exciting new features to add to the listening experience, claims TEAC.

The TEAC DAB100W is a desktop digital radio with the option of 10 preset DAB+ and FM stations. It has auto-tuning and a LCD backlight display for both DAB+ and FM as well as a timer for clock, sleep and alarm functions. It also includes an auto time update, a headphone socket, a telescopic antenna, scrolling text information and can operate via batteries or power adaptor: all for the convenience of its user.

The portable DAB400B and DAB400W are available in black or white. These stereo radios have all the features of the DAB100W and operate with either batteries or power adapter.

The TEAC DAB800W is a table top DAB+ radio. Featuring a preset for eight DAB+ and eight FM stations, its larger size allows for an easy-to-read ICON LCD display. This DAB800W has a full range speaker that resinates a clear and accurate sound while audio inputs to connect other external devices such as MP3, CD, etc. With great sound and a glossy white finish, this truly is a tremendous DAB+ radio.

DAB100W $179
DAB400B $229
DAB400W $229
DAB800W $299