TEAC Clock Radio Downloads Apps

  • Free app downloads
  • Offers instant weather updates
  • Touchscreen technology

TEAC’s new stereo clock radio comes with the free ‘TEAC App’, which downloads from iTunes onto an iPhone or iPod touch to unlock a number of extra features.

With the ‘TEAC App’ the CRX300iP will automatically sync to the time on the docked iPhone/iTouch, and transforms into a personal weather station by displaying the temperature, weather conditions as well as a handy seven day forecast on its LCD screen.

Users can utilise iPhone/iTouch music playlists or a favourite radio station via the unit’s two stereo speakers, and are able to store up to 20 FM stations using an iPhone/iTouch touchscreen for identification and selection.

In addition, the its dual alarm function can be set using an iPhone/iTouch touchscreen. It gives the option of waking up to music from a favourite playlist or radio station, as well as a sleep timer or the snooze function.