Android TV on the TCL X7 can suffer from a few quirks – with a somewhat laggy interface it’s not a completely seamless experience. However, the upside is that you get voice control via Google Assistant; which is usually only found on more expensive TVs. There’s also inbuilt Chromecast functionality, which is nice to have.

Being one of the biggest TV operating systems, you can be sure that Android TV will receive all the important streaming services you’re after as they come out. All the expected apps are available – Netflix, YouTube, Stan, Twitch, Amazon Prime Video and the recently-released Disney Plus.

The screen itself offers a decent viewing experience, with a QLED display like those found on Samsung or Hisense TVs. There’s an inbuilt soundbar too – it’s not as good as a standalone soundbar option but its sits between no sound bar at all and a dedicated solution. It will output Dolby content acceptably well.

4K content on the TV looks great, especially if it’s a newer HDR-graded series. The display supports wide colour gamut and is extremely bright, ensuring there’s little to no glare in difficult viewing situations. However, upscaled content doesn’t quite look as good as on more premium sets, unfortunately high end image processors are not bundled into price focused TV solutions. There’s also no support for extended HDR formats.

While earlier TCL sets offered great value and performance, the TCL X7 is a model you would pass on if it were still being sold for the asking rrp of $22200. However, now with the price dropping to under $1500 if you haggle a little, its a good all round tv that packs decent picture and sound into the one TV.

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