Tag! You’re It!

DMG Radio Australia launches iTunes tagging, so you can hear snippets of songs before you buy them

DMG Radio Australia has today launched a new service for those listening to Nova or Vega on the 5th generation iPod nano from Apple.

The new service allows listeners access to title and artist information for songs playing on the FM radio built into the iPod Nano, as well as ‘tag’ songs they like with the press of a button. Users will then be able to purchase any of their ‘tagged’ songs when they next sync up their iPod Nano to iTunes.

DMG Radio has been working with technology company All In Media to activate this new functionality and is the first broadcaster in Australia to make it available to its listeners.

Dean Buchanan, DMG Radio Group Program Director said: “Listeners continue to use radio to discover new music. This innovative service will make it simple for listeners to remember the songs they love hearing on the radio and prompt them to purchase when they next dock their iPod nano to iTunes…it’s a case of hear it, like it, tag it, buy it.”