Stunt Racer For Wii

Ubisoft has announced that Stunt Racer is coming to the Wii

Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer puts Wii gamers back into the driver’s seat for a whole new race, claims Ubisoft, who is releasing the game soon.

Gamers can grind their way around inner-city construction sites, crunch through out-of-town canyons, or scrape through exclusive wall-driving features. Players will be able to perform vertical stunts and find shortcuts as they take on their friends and family in 4-player split-screen modes.

Features include:

  • Players can use nitro to pull off crazy stunts like barrel rolls and back flips. Drive up vertical walls to reach shortcuts, avoid difficult terrain and cross the finish line right before your friends.
  • The game takes players through 7 new tracks ranging from inner-city construction sites to out-of-town canyons. Each track will provide a new driving experience. The various terrains will have different effects on the truck. Avoid mud pools and patches of ice or risk losing control.
  • Players can navigate their way through levels by choosing between different routes that vary in difficulty. Decide between scoring points to gain nitro and taking the racing line to make up time. This includes 50 different challenges across 10 ranks and over 30 side missions.
  • Play with up to 4 players on split-screen in a variety of multiplayer games including Racing, Freestyle Show-Off and Last Man Standing.
  • Easy, wheel-friendly handling gives full and intuitive control over your truck as you push it to the limit.
  • Whether it’s a European Super Car or a powerful American SUV, Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer has a vehicle to match individual driving styles. Every vehicle part (spoiler, tyres, engine…) can be upgraded, giving an extra edge during the race.  This includes six upgradable vehicles and 5 un-lockable supercars.