Splatterhouse Promises Splatterfest

  • Extreme Gore
  • Take on wave after wave of monsters
  • Includes Berserker Mode

Splatterhouse embodies the unfiltered, primal aggression of its 1988 namesake, combining visceral, adrenaline-soaked combat with horror elements to deliver over-the-top gore, claims the publisher Namco Bandai.

Splatterhouse follows college student Rick Taylor as he embarks on a desperate mission to rescue his true love, Jennifer, who was kidnapped after they entered a mysterious run-down Mansion inhabited by an elusive scientist, Dr. West. Confronted by otherworldly horrific abominations under Dr. West’s control, Rick turns to a mystical sentient mask promises to give him the power to reunite with his beloved Jennifer. Full of desperation, Rick dons the “Terror Mask” and is transformed into a raging juggernaut, exemplifying unadulterated violence and destruction to anything that stands in his way.

Splatterhouse gives players countless ways to decimate your enemies with extreme gore including Necrotic energy powered attacks, the all-powerful Berserker Mode, an arsenal of classic Splatterhouse weapons, and the ultimate over the top gruesome Splatter Kills which enable you to rip, impale, and smash your opponents into bloody pulpy masses.

Splatterhouse will also feature Survival Arenas, unlockable areas that contain 20 rounds of unimaginable horror which enable players to take on ever increasing waves of grotesque monsters in a test of endurance and strength. Players start off with full health and an empty Necro Meter and must slay their way past each round, building their Necro Energy, purchasing Necro Moves, and relying on the Splatter Siphon healing ability. If they succeed, they will be rewarded with Blood to be used in purchasing Necro Moves.

Boasting a licensed soundtrack with many of the top names in metal, the original Splatterhouse trilogy as an unlockable and Survival Arenas, Splatterhouseis the ultimate celebration of all things Metal and Gore.