Spammers Keep Eye on World Cup Prize

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is warning people to beware of spammers trying to cash in on World Cup fever. The ACMA has reports of various scams purporting to be linked to the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament that offer substantial cash prizes.

As per usual, if recipients attempt to claim the prize they are asked to provide bank details and other personal information. ‘Spam scammers increasingly are framing their messages around topical events, such as the World Cup,’ said ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman. ‘These types of messages typically come in waves, and play on a person’s topical interest in the event as a hook.’

The ACMA is aware of three major World Cup scams being circulated via SMS:

  • Congratulations from Fifa (sic) World Cup Promo you won $1,000,000.00 contact our agent to claim your prize Mr Fred Samuel Email: (email address)
  • Your mobile number has won $100,000 and to watch the finals live at the FIFA WORLD CUP PROMO REF: SA3T10.send email to (email address) or call: (phone number)
  • This is to confirm your cell have won US$5.8M for FIFA 2010 International Award. To claim contact Mrs. Martins via: (email address)