Spam Attacks Decrease

Symantec has released its latest spam report for August, which shows a decrease in unwanted emails.

Security software specialist Symantec has released its state-of-play for spam attacks for August. Highlights of the report include:

  • Overall spam volumes averaged 87 percent of all email messages in August 2009
  • Health spam decreased again this month and averaged 6.73 percent while Internet related spam accounted for 29 percent of all spam in August
  • Spam and malware campaigns relating to holidays such as Halloween and Christmas were significant
  • The number of spammers spoofing URLs to evade anti-spam filters was significant. These pages appear legitimate, offering intended victims a false sense of security
  • There was an increase in the average size of image spam in August. Similar increases in message size were also reported in November 2008
  • There is a wave of popular subject lines that continue to reappear in spam messages and revealed the top 10 subject lines used by spammers

If you would like more information on the September State of Spam Report please contact one of the representatives below.