Sony Upgrades Two Popular Games

  • Sports Champions 2 has new games
  • New hits with DanceStar 2
  • In-game calorie counter with DanceStar 2

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the release of Sports Champions 2 andDanceStar Party Hits, bothdesigned for the PlayStation Move controller.

Using single or double motion controllers, gamers who play Sports Champions 2, will have the opportunity to compete against friends in all-new events including boxing, golf, bowling, skiing and tennis, and hit the bullseye with an updated archery mode.

With the new Party Mode you will have the chance to compete with friends and family in custom and multi-sport tournaments. Create player profiles with individual stat tracking and customise your character to personalise your sports experience.

Features returning from the original game include; Cup play (solo campaign), free play, challenges (arcade events), online leaderboards and Facebook connectivity will all feature in the new game. It will also have full stereoscopic 3D support.

DanceStar Party Hitsfollows on from the original DanceStar Party with 40 brand new tracks, giving users the chance to perform their moves alongside their dols and perfect your swagger with real-time video feedback.

Get ready to head backto the dance floor with a fresh new track list featuring original music and videos from international artists such as Nicki Minaj (Super Bass), The Beach Boys (Fun, Fun, Fun), The Wanted (Glad You Came), and many more. When you feel like jumping straight into a dance, you can choose from 160 bespoke routines choreographed and ready for all your dancing needs!

DanceStar Party Hitsalso allows gamers to step into the role of choreographer and become a real dance star by creating their own routines using the pinpoint precision of PlayStationMove. Once perfected, they challenge friends to beat their score on unique routines that they have developed.

There is also an in-game calorie counter that charts weekly progress as part of an exercise regime in the comfort of your own living room.

Anyone can join in the party by singing along, giving users an all-encompassing super-star social experience with the PlayStation Eye camera, a Bluetooth headset or SingStar microphones.

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